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Pilot Program 2021

 The Pilot Program 2021 ended on August 31 and was a great success. The Flagship Program Spring 2022 will open for registration on December 1, 2021

What is RISE Travel Institute's Pilot Program?

RISE Travel Institute's Pilot Program is an online certificate program consisting of 10 sessions, grouped into 3 modules over 10 weeks. The content explores different aspects of sustainable travel through structured, rigorous, research-based education. We are taking a systems-thinking approach to address the intersection of social justice, community development, animal protection, and environmental sustainability with regards to travel. Students that successfully complete the program and a capstone project will receive our Certificate in Sustainability and Anti-Oppression in Travel. Graduates can apply to join one of our domestic or international Experiential Journeys to put theory into practice.

What is the Pilot Program format?

  • A 10-week online program (June 7th - August 15th)

  • 10 sessions, grouped into 3 modules

  • The Program is conducted in English

  • Time commitment for each self-paced session is estimated at 4 hours - which includes:

    • ​A pre-recorded video lecture with closed captions (~45-60 min)

    • At least 1 required reading and/or case study

    • A quiz

    • A list of actionable key take-aways and prompts for reflection

    • An interactive Zoom meeting at the end of each module where students can meet with instructors and discuss what they’ve learned or ask questions

  • There will be a capstone project due upon completion of the 10 sessions

  • The capstone project is optional, but it is a requirement to receive a certificate of completion and be eligible to apply to join a future Experiential Journey

What are the 10 sessions included in the Pilot Program?

Who are the instructors?

The Pilot Program is designed and taught by the RISE Travel Institute team in collaboration with academics and professionals in tourism, social justice, animal protection, and environmental sustainability. Please click here to learn more about our instructors.

Who should take the Pilot Program?

  • Our pilot program is open to all 

  • Highly recommended for full-time university students

  • Members of the travel industry and international education / study abroad industry

  • University and high schools administrators, teachers and parents

  • Anyone who wants to become a more mindful traveler

How will the Pilot Program help you become a more

mindful traveler? 

  • Understand different frameworks of sustainability and approach sustainable travel in a holistic way

  • Understand the history of travel and locate yourself on the spectrum of power to bring about a more just and equitable world

  • Bring more consciousness in making decisions around planning travel 

  • Make travel more inclusive and accessible for people at all intersections of identity

  • How to decolonize our travel experiences on Indigenous lands

  • Contribute to sustainable animal protection and biodiversity conservation through our travels

  • Get involved with regenerative and equitable ways for cross-cultural exchange in lieu of conventional voluntourism

  • Respond to the climate emergency and be a part of the climate justice movement 

  • How to photograph and document our travels ethically and responsibly

  • How intentional and mindful travel can create the most good and the least harm for our travel destinations

When will the Pilot Program take place?


Session 1: June 7th - June 13th


Module A

Session 2: June 14th - June 20th

Session 3: June 21st - June 27th

Session 4: June 28th - July 4th


Module B

Session 5: July 5th - July 11th

Session 6: July 12th - July 18th

Session 7: July 19th - July 25th


Module C

Session 8: July 26th - August 1st

Session 9: August 2nd - August 8th

Session 10: August 9th - August 15th


RISE Student Conference (Tentatively in September)

How much is the tuition?

Pilot Program Tuition: 

  • US$500 tuition

  • US$250 full-time university student tuition

  • Tuition grants available for full-time university students with proven financial need (Send your inquiry to: info@risetravelinstitute.org)

  • The pilot program will be rebranded as our Flagship Program from 2022 onwards and the pricing will be adjusted accordingly

  • ​Our textbooks are not included in the program cost

Why should you take the Pilot Program?

  • Educational benefits

    • Be a part of a new one-of-a-kind program in the sustainable tourism industry with a unique anti-oppression lens

    • Study with international faculty and experts in their fields

    • Acquire necessary knowledge and tools to become a mindful traveler

    • Be eligible to join our future domestic and international Experiential Journeys to put theory into practice 

  • Networking opportunities

    • Collaborate with like-minded students and RISE staff

    • Connect with sustainability leaders and professionals in international education

    • Join our growing global community 

    • Build relationships in our RISE alumni network

  • Career advantages

    • Earn professional credentials for your resume (10 digital badges and a certificate)

    • Present your capstone project to RISE partners and supporters at the end-of-program conference 

    • Attend future RISE events and be a RISE global ambassador