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Tiered Pricing Model

Tiered Pricing Model Explained

At RISE Travel Institute we do our best to foster a spirit of equity, inclusivity, justice, trust, and transparency in everything we do. For this reason, we would like to announce our new pricing model. 


To make sustainable travel education more accessible to everyone, from 2022 onwards, we offer tiered pricing for all our online programs and courses. We use the World Bank's country classifications by income level in 2021-2022 to set tuition discounts for residents in upper-middle income countries/economies (UMIC), lower-middle income countries/economies (LMIC) and low income countries/economies (LIC). To find out the latest classification of countries/economies by income level, you can download this table or go to for more information. We advise that you select the tuition option that corresponds to your country of residence.

We understand that there are many variables that factor into your individual financial situation: you may live in a high-income country/economy for example, but are unable to afford a full tuition. The opposite may also be true - you may live in a low income country/economy, but are able to afford to pay a higher level of tuition for your courses. We trust you to choose the level of tuition that most accurately reflects your ability to pay.  RISE is also a non-profit organization so please know, any surplus funds we raise are used to remove financial barriers for other travelers in our shared global community.


Thank you for considering a RISE educational program!


Acknowledgment: our tiered pricing model is inspired by our Partner Rooted Storytelling. More information can be found on their website.

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