Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to inspire responsible, impactful, sustainable and ethical travel through education.

We envision a world where travel is a force for positive transformation for both travelers and travel destinations.

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Reverence: Have deep respect for the planet and all living beings 

Excellence: Stay on top of the latest research in sustainable tourism and related disciplines and continue to deliver high-quality, tertiary-level educational programs

Integrity: Work with the greatest transparency and accountability

Ethics: Commit to diversity, inclusion and anti-oppression within our management and across our programs


What RISE stands for

We educate young travelers about ethical treatment of working animals in tourism and promote compassionate conservation of terrestrial and marine wildlife

We educate young travelers about how the global tourism industry impacts local economies and teach them ways to maximize the amount of tourism dollars that goes to local economic development

We educate young travelers about cultural diversity, racial dynamics, and social justice issues that are affecting host communities, and teach them ways to empower the disenfranchised and support sustainable community development projects 

We educate young travelers about how the global tourism industry impacts the environment locally and globally and inspire eco-conscious travel habits and decisions




Vincie Ho, Board President

Manuela Londoño, Board Vice President

Mary Pat Champeau, Board Secretary

Hyungjoon Jin, Board Treasurer


Alissa Murray, Senior Advisor

Cait Graaf, Senior Advisor

Eliza Raymond, Senior Advisor

Emmanuelle Vital, Senior Advisor

Genevieve Huneault, Senior Advisor

Justine Abigail Yu, Senior Advisor

Kelley Louise, Senior Advisor

Steve Hesse, Senior Advisor


Vincie Ho, Executive Director

Megan Begley, Fundraising and Donor Engagement Manager

Eva Mossberg, Strategic Partnership and Program Development Manager

Thomas Kalchik, Accounting and Corporate Partnership Manager

Christine Francois, Outreach and University Partnership Manager

Amy Hager, Social Media Manager

Suzanne Rommelfanger, Communications Manager

Meredith Hauser, Event Manager

Tara Busch, Community Engagement Manager

Shreya Sanjeev, Curriculum Development and Student Engagement Manager

Patricia Henriquez, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategist

Maureen Wyse, Impact Evaluation Specialist

John Carlson, Manager of People and Culture

Emma Chen, Project Manager

Anne Leone, Senior Copy Editor

Devon Barker, Art Director and Communications Ethicist

Matthew Lesperance, Senior Digital Content Producer

Kara King, Digital Content Producer

Angela Cavallucci, Digital Content Producer

Ally Rudolph, Social Media Coordinator and Content Producer

Romar Dingo, Digital Media and Information Technology Specialist

RISE Travel Institute

RISE Travel Institute A NJ Nonprofit Corporation is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization

EIN #85-1525205

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