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RISE Travel Institute's Official Statement

Against Anti-Asian Hate Crimes

As an educational organization that puts anti-oppression at the heart of all that we do, RISE Travel Institute stands in solidarity with Asian communities. As anti-Asian hate crimes heightened in this country and around the world we condemn racism, misogyny, and hate in all forms.


Inspired by Anti-Racist Education Now, our founder Dr. Vincie Ho penned a powerful personal statement and call to action:

“Anti-racism is a lifelong journey of learning, unlearning and advocating for all oppressed identities and intersections of identity. We can’t say we’re anti-racist and be anti-Black, anti-Hispanic or anti-Asian. We can’t say we’re anti-racist while not trying to understand the oppressive systems rooted in colonialism and white supremacy. We can’t say we’re anti-racist without working in solidarity across racial boundaries to dismantle oppressive systems that are hurting all BIPOC communities in different ways and to different degrees. Anti-racism needs to be proactive, inclusive and intentional. It involves a lifetime commitment to constantly checking our privilege, our silence, and our advocacy."

Here are some resources for different ways to act and get educated:
Stop Asian Hate - How To Do Something To Fight Against AAPI Hate:

Stop AAPI Hate:

Anti-Asian Violence Resources:


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